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The last few years have seen an explosion of new bicycles and bicycle equipment aimed squarely at riding dirt roads.

While most of these bikes are called “gravel bikes” and are meant for “gravel grinding” we shy away from that term since some of our road selections have no gravel on them and if it rains you will be wishing that there was some.  We also hope that you enjoy riding your bike and that it is in no way a “grind.” These are of course just marketing terms and I always like to remember that the invention of the bicycle pre-dates the invention of pavement by about 40 years, so if you think that this is a “new” trend you should think again.

The new crop of gear can make you feel a little left behind and maybe make the bike you already own feel a little inadequate, but we believe that the ideal bike for riding the dirty roads is the bike that you already own.  You may want to change out the tires for something a little larger on your road bike and for something a little skinnier and faster on your mountain bike.


While many modern roads bikes don’t allow for much tire clearance and your options may be limited you always have the option to slow down when it gets rough and to bring some extra tubes along in case of a flat.  You may also want to alter your ride selection to accommodate your skinny tires, which is why we provide a tire size metric so you know what you are getting into for each of our rides.

If you already own a cross-country oriented mountain bike you are ready to ride!  Swapping out your fat knobby tires for something a little skinnier and faster is a great way to go, but don’t feel like throwing money at it is going to make your riding experience that much better.  It is still a bike, you still have to pedal it!



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