Little Dunckley

Start & Finish: Oak Creek, Colorado
Miles: 44.2
Climbing: 4521 ft.

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Starting and finishing in Oak Creek, Colorado, the Little Dunckley gravel ride gives you a real taste of the gravel riding out of the “OC!” 

The ride starts at Decker Park, which has some nice trees for shade and does have a bathroom (when open). The route travels just over 44 miles and has a total elevation gain of around 4522 ft. One thing you notice right away is the climbing and that theme continues throughout the ride. It seems like you are pretty much going up or down during the entire ride. The first four miles of the route is on the pavement, the rest is on the dirt.

The ride takes you on Routt County roads 27, 29, 37D, 37, 37A, 37B, 25, and you even catch a section of Rio Blanco County Rd. 90. Many of these roads are pretty remote, so be prepared to not see anyone for hours at a time.
I thought the 38mm Maxxis Rambler tire I was riding was a good choice. A lot of the ride is on pretty smooth gravel roads but you can hit some washboards and the out and back section on RCR 29 definitely gets a little rough. There’s a nice vista just about a quarter-mile past the James Marion Yoast Reservior on RCR 37B and the Little Dunckley Flat Tops are in sight throughout the ride.

There’s something about this Little Dunckley ride that I just can’t put words to. It’s mighty, it’s legit, and it certainly has a lot of qualities I look for in a gravel ride.

As far as food in Oak Creek, we wanted to mention a few. A stop a Kate’s Cafe in downtown is always a good option. You will find fresh baked goods, coffee, lunch items and more. Lunch at Lupita’s is the real deal and is open during the summer months. And then dinner at the Circle R Gastropub is a must while visiting Oak Creek. There is a local grocery store right on the main street as well.

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