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We here at the Dirty Roads are committed to bring you the very best rides and routes that we know and ride. We are not trying to be a clearinghouse for every possible dirty road ride that could be put together, but instead trying to provide you with the best, or at least our personal favorites. In our motto “If you only had one day to ride…” lies the challenge that have set out for ourselves, to layout the ride we would send you out on if you only had one day. We might look at the width of your tires and ask you how many hours you’d like to spend in the saddle but we will expect you to come back satisfied from any one of the rides that we have posted. Not every ride is the one that changes your entire expectations for what cycling should be and makes you sell your road bike, but that ride is out there if you haven’t already done it.
We started this website as a place not only to display our 20+ years of exploration but in response the lack of quality that we found when searching through the internet for what others had posted. Some websites give you a bit of everything with road, singletrack and casual bike path rides all mixed together, the user generated content out there can be even more inconstant. We want to offer you rides that are worthy of your time and to know you are getting a curated selection of what we have ridden and approved of.

Whether you are looking to ride for a few hours or a few days you should know that we are going to provide you with a quality experience that holds up to our personal metrics. Our rides are mostly unpaved. While we live in a well paved world we try to seek out great dirt for you to enjoy and every ride is made of a majority of unpaved roads. Our rides are full loops. While we reserve the right to put together a spectacular out and back ride we search out the best way to put good dirty roads into a great loop with a convenient start and finish point. Our rides are worthy. They are worthy of your time, worth riding and definitely worth checking out even if you never ride them just to let you know what is out there and to provide a little motivation for you to get out there and ride wherever you are. Providing you with a quality riding experience is our main goal and we would love to hear your opinions on our ride selection, feel free to drop us a line!

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