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In order to bring you a more informed riding experience, we have developed a new metric to let you know what to expect once you are out on the road. All of our rides include a minimum recommended tire size in the ride description. This size should refer to how wide the casing is in millimeters, but many tire manufacturers have a tenuous relationship with the truth in measuring tire width and the number on side of the tire may not conform between different tire manufactures.

Our minimum recommended size is not an ironclad number and using a tire under the recommended size will not result in disaster. It is only a recommendation and your personal tastes as a rider will determine what kind of tire you choose to run. If you are a rider who is will to sacrifice some comfort for speed then feel free to run a narrower tire than what we recommend, you may want to bring an extra tube or you may just want to slow down in the rough spots. If you are a rider who is looking for a more comfortable ride, and being in control is definitely a part of being comfortable, then you will probably want to run a wider tire than what we recommend.


The narrowest tire that we recommend for dirt road riding is a 28mm, we do not have a maximum size and some of our dirtiest rides may call for a mountain bike with full-size mountain bike tires. Mountain bike tires are often measured in inches and a 2.0” mountain bike tire corresponds to a 50mm width. A mountain bike may be the perfect choice for someone who is willing to compromise some speed in favor of more comfort and control. If we ever post a ride that has a minimum recommend tire width of 50 you should know that it is time to break out the mountain bike.


Tire selection is always a personal issue and there never is or will be a perfect tire for a given ride.  Our tire width metric is intended to give you a general overview of road conditions on a specific ride.  There may be sections of road that are very rough and loose and may make you feel a little under-gunned on our minimum recommended tire, while there may be sections of pavement where you will be pushing that extra tire width down the road.  Our recommendation is for the ride as a whole and is based on all-around comfort not just the roughest part of the ride.

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